Describes recoding values in one or more variables according to a specified mapping.

The Recode command can either describe a recoding of one or more individual variables, or a range of variables. When one or more individual variables are described, a new variable name can be specified. In this case, the original variable is left alone, and a new variable is created with the recoded values.


Name Type   Description
RecodedVariables RecodeVariable 0..n The variables that will have their values recoded. The resulting values may be either stored in the same variable, or a newly created destination variable
RecodedVariableRange VariableRangeExpression 0..1 A range of variables to which the recode rules are applied. The resulting values are stored in the same variable.
Rules RecodeRule 0..n A mapping describing which values will be recoded to which new values

Properties Inherited from TransformBase

Name Type   Description
ProducesDataframe DataframeDescription 0..n Signify the dataframe which this transform produces.
ConsumesDataframe DataframeDescription 0..n Signify the dataframe which this transform acts upon.

Properties Inherited from CommandBase

Name Type   Description
Command string 1..1 The type of command
SourceInformation SourceInformation 0..n Information about the source of the command.
MessageText string 0..n Adds a message that can be displayed with the command.

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