Descripbes a new variable created by reshaping a dataset from wide to long or vice versa.


Name Type   Description
TargetVariableName string 0..1 Name of new variable created by this command.
TargetVariableLabel string 0..1 Label for new variable created by this command.
SourceVariables VariableReferenceBase 0..1 Source variables in the original dataset used to create this variable.
Stub string 0..1 The stub is a string used in the names of variables in the wide dataset.
IndexValues ExpressionBase 0..1 A list of values that produce new rows (long) or columns (wide) for this variable.
IndexVariableName string 0..1 Name of the variable that will contain the value of the index for this row.
IndexVariableLabel string 0..1 Label for the variable in IndexVariableName.


The following types reference this type.