Structured Data Transformation Language (SDTL) was created by the Continuous Capture of Metadata for Statistical Data (C2Metadata) Project funded by National Science Foundation (ACI-1640575). Defining SDTL was a cooperative activity to which all members of the project contributed.

Participants in the C2Metadata Project:

  • George Alter [1] (PI)
  • Darrell Donakowski1
  • Jack Gager [2]
  • Pascal Heus2
  • Carson Hunter2
  • Sanda Ionescu1
  • Jeremy Iverson [3]
  • Hosagrahar V Jagadish1
  • Carl Lagoze1
  • Jared Lyle1
  • Alexander Mueller1
  • Sigbjørn Revheim [4]
  • Matthew A. Richardson1
  • Ørnulf Risnes4
  • Karunakara Seelam1
  • Dan Smith3
  • Tom Smith [5]
  • Jie Song1
  • Yashas Jaydeep Vaidya1
  • Ole Voldsater4

The C2Metadata Project will end in 2020. Long-term responsibility for maintaining and expanding SDTL has moved to the DDI Alliance, which established an SDTL Working Group.

SDTL Working Group (July 2020):

  • George Alter (lead), University of Michigan
  • Carson Hunter, Metadata Technologies North America
  • Jeremy Iverson, Collectica
  • Chifundo Kanjala, Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU)
  • Dara O’Neill, University College London
  • Ørnulf Risnes, Norwegian Centre for Research Data
  • Dan Smith, Collectica
  • Thomas Thelen, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Jim Todd, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine